Osledy Bazó

Web Developer


(34) - 665 239201


Hi, my name is Osledy Bazo. I am a freelance web developer, 31 years old and I live in Barcelona, Spain. I like to organize and film technology events in my city, and provide consulting to web projects. I work mainly with ruby/rails projects, but I also do frontend and php. Currently learning React Native.


  • MongoDB, Postgres and MySql
  • AWS, s3
  • Heroku, Engine Yard
  • Chef and Jenkis
  • Git / GitHub / Bitbucket
  • Sass, Haml, jQuery
  • Ruby / Rails
  • TDD & BDD
  • Twitter/Facebook API


VenueDriver - venuedriver.com

Lead Developer


Maintain and add features to the VenueDriver site, that sells tickets for nightclubs. We work with Docker, Angular, Rails, Chef, Git, TDD, etc

Rutas Maracaibo - rutasmaracaibo.com

Web Developer


Urban routes of Maracaibo, maintainer and founder

Coders Venezuela - codersvenezuela.com

Web Developer


Community of developers in Venezuela, maintainer and founder

Bakedweb - bakedweb.net

Web Developer

2009 – 2011

Mainly working with ruby and rails apps: shopify sites, refinery cms, radiant cms, custom build apps with padrino or sinatra.




Fundación JEL - fundacionjel.net

Web Developer

2010 – 2011

Development of a Joomla MVC component to register students who opt for a scholarship. About 60,000 students each year use this service

Biblioteca Publica del Zulia - bpz.org.ve

Web Developer

2010 – 2011

Design, Development and consulting of the site using Joomla


Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin (URBE) - Maracaibo, Venezuela

Engineering Faculty; Computer Engineer Degree

FUNDACITE - Maracaibo, Venezuela

IBM Application Developer E-Business

FUNDACITE - Maracaibo, Venezuela

Open Source OS. End user.


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Podcast about programing a technology - Organizer and Host


Bi-monthly event about programming techologies and topics - Organizer and Host


Bi-monthly event about design topics - Organizer and Host


Bi-monthly event about technology, social media, design and programming - Organizer and co-host

Osledy Bazó — osledybazo@gmail.com